SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY – Public sale for non-payment of storage charges at Mission Mini Storage, 5353 S. Mission Road, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858.  Sale will be April 26th at 2:00 PM.  Only bids on the entire unit contents will be accepted.  Summary of personal property being sold:

 #A9  Mae Lowery  mattresses, lots of boxes and totes, large wooden kitchen tables, water cooler, bed frames, pictures, baskets

 #B20 Mae Lowery  bunk bed frames and mattresses, kitchen chairs, lots of boxes and totes, fishing poles, camping chair

 #A19  Patricia Burdell  wooden end tables, wooden shelving, wooden chairs, totes, boxes, suit cases, fan, china cabinet, mattresses, metal chairs, metal table, metal filing cabinet, metal shelving, utility         tables 

 #E11  Patricia Burdell  wooden chairs, fabric chairs, lots of scrap wood, wooden desk, plastic shelving, numerous boxes, step stool, baskets, totes, stroller, shop vac, lamps, wooden shelving, wooden tables, Christmas décor

 #C21  Phillip Bellinger  plastic drawers, folding chairs, bed frame, rest of the unit is completely full of boxes and totes

 #F10  Gordon Stahl Large older china cabinet  

 #F14  Jason Brantley  Red car, sports equipment (basketballs, footballs, bats), sports memorabilia (Lansing Lugnut), lots of bags and boxes ,numerous totes, bags full, clothing, ice scrapers, duffle bags.

 #G3  Faith Latosky  microwave, boxes, baskets, totes, bags, lamp, vacuums, chalkboard, kids toys

 #G27  Ali Tupper  washer, dryer, wooden kitchen chairs, boxes, kids ride in car, kids wagon, kids easel, kids toys, desk, picnic table, coolers, totes, multiple children’s toys/games, microwave

#H16  Kelli Parrish  extra-large metal toolbox, totes, kids toys

 #I10  Braden Fowler  lots of bags, boxes, desk, scrap wood, table, totes

 #I17  Brannon Knight  table, metal shelving, totes, table saw, miter saw, other misc. tools, fan

 #J3  Jason Render  fridge, couch, living room chair, large kitchen table, dresser, lamp, ice auger, snow shovel, numerous totes and boxes, wooden shelving, mattresses, misc. tables, dresser